Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Our main point is restoring the original cleanliness, beauty and appeal of your upholstered furniture items.

Each day, your home and your furniture are exposed to a vast plethora of environmental pollutants including dust, mites, dead skin cells, oils and other bodily secretions that can affect your health and damage your upholstery.

Neglecting to have upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis could result in damaged fabrics, particularly if the materials are expensive, delicate, or unusual ones.

Upholstery restoration and complete professional cleaning might lengthen the lifespan of your furniture pieces in a cost effective way by eradicating things such as pollen, dust mites and everyday dust. Every piece is closely examined to plan the most effective method to clean and treat your upholstered furniture. We contemplate many factors when forming a program, including fabric stability, age and color fastness, as each of these could present a potential difficulty during the cleaning process.

Precisely as vital as good carpeting, your furniture and upholstery is just as important to a room’s style.

Guarding Upholstery

Today’s upholstered furniture is often pretreated with a fabric protector. However, this treatment will start to wear off as the years pass. Additional applications of protective solutions can be efficient in maintaining the freshness, durability and appearance of upholstered pieces. Not just does the protector keep the fabric looking wonderful, but it gives you that extra time you need to clean up any spills or messes.

Fresh is more fun than foul, all the time. Our enzyme powered deodorizer has been designed to attack odor-causing organic sources, even on the toughest smells. The deodorizer has enzymes capable of eliminating the smell of feces, urine, sour milk, vomit and various odors by eating up the organic material responsible for the smells, thus restoring the odorless nature of your upholstery.

Now is the time to use our great deals for upholstery cleaning. You’ll be able to appreciate a lovely and comfortable home once again with our professional upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Using the help of our expert upholstery cleaners, you’ll be able to enjoy those favorite pieces for quite a few years to come.

The cleaners we hire utilize only the best, most successful tools to eliminate allergens such as dust mites. We always gift our clients with an unrivaled upholstery cleaning service.

Our Procedures Remove Dust Mites and Allergens

- Complete vacuuming process
- Spot clean and condition the toughest stains
- Shampoo and deodorize the fabric
- Grooming and extraction
- Clean the furniture’s base and frame
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