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Whether it's for your business or home furniture, we offer a full leather cleaning service.

Leather is a great furniture cover, in part since it repels most stain causing materials and if it does stain, the mark usually fades over time.

Conversely, leather easily brings in oil-based materials. This includes the oils produced by the human body, in addition to perspiration and certain acids, so that a good leather chair may become damaged by such residue that has collected and become embedded in the leather.

If you want to keep leather looking wonderful for long periods of time, cleaning it is a necessity. Remember leather is an animal hide, and as is necessary with our skin, periodic cleaning is necessary along with moisturizing to alleviate any dryness or splitting.

After we have cleaned your leather a protective coating that replaces moisture in the leather as well as keeping any stains from being indelible, is put on.

Look into these tips for leather care:

- Try not to put a leather sofa close to a radiator or fireplace as the heat may dry out the leather. Every material's color will diminish in a certain amount of time.

- Non-Toxic and Really Safe Cleaners

Our objective is your absolute satisfaction, so we'll treat your case with the individual care it requires. We utilize just solutions that are non-toxic and biodegradable, so you don't have to panic about the safety of your home environment.

The effort you spent selecting your leather furniture makes it an investment. Cleaning this investment might be as well considered as buying it was.

We offer the best likely Leather Cleaning Service available. We give a unique leather cleanser to the surface of the hide to remove any stains through our safe, mess-free and fuss-free service. In order to repair your furniture to as adjacent to its original condition as possible, we end this lengthy process by hand.

A refinishing cream and a protective coating is put on after the leather has been cleaned and restored to hold onto it its appearance and protect it can make your furniture look brand new.

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